Hi, I'm Isaac Bencid!

Discover the captivating and unique artworks of Isaac Bencid, a Venezuelan artist whose multi-disciplinary approach draws inspiration from cubism and dada. Through collage, printmaking, and metal mesh sculptures, Isaac explores themes of curiosity, movement, and shape with an abstract masterful touch. With a strong foundation under world-renowned artist Ángel Hurtado, Isaac has produced over 10 documentaries about Venezuelan masters and contemporary artists. His mixed media artworks are characterized by their nostalgic feel, created using old magazines from the 1930s-50s, adding a unique texture and color to his pieces. Isaac's meticulous composition utilizes linocut, woodcut, and collage techniques, alongside geometric shapes and cross-hatching to create depth and balance. By leaving elements floating, he creates a play of light and shadow that adds an additional dimension to his artwork. Explore his stunning pieces and discover the magic of his one-of-a-kind creations.